Counseling Services

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

Clinical Therapy

Lauren utilizes an integrative approach to psychotherapy for individuals and couples based in New York. She specializes in anxiety issues and parental wellness. Using cognitive behavioral techniques within a feminist framework (noting the particular challenges that women encounter due to societal expectations), she helps clients reflect, grow, and make healthy relationship and professional choices. Through therapy, Lauren helps clients mindfully examine how their values, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are connected, develop coping strategies to improve their mental health, and engage in self-compassion.

Pursuant to NY Education Law Article 154, §7701, as a Licensed Master Social Worker (NY license #083186), Lauren is authorized to engage in counseling, consultations, client advocacy, and other services to address mental, social, emotional, and behavioral disorders, conditions, and more; clinical social work (which includes diagnoses, psychotherapy, and treatment planning) is practiced under supervision of a licensed clinician.

Coaching & Consulting

Lauren coaches individuals, groups, and corporate clients on parenting and perinatal topics. As a provider with Veer, she helps employers foster a supportive corporate culture via mental health coaching to working parents. As a Fair Play certified facilitator, she works with clients to understand the internalized messages causing women to take on the majority of unpaid labor and caregiving responsibilities, reframe boundaries and assert ambitions, and improve communication while reducing the mental load. 

Lauren also facilitates psychoeducational support groups for parents (new, working, aspiring, second-time, and other), coaching them on matters including sleep and overall well-being, work flexibility, and building connections to reduce loneliness. Additionally, she is available as a consultant to provide thoughtful, tailored advice to organizations and small business related to retaining talent, supporting parents, encouraging diversity and inclusion, and enhancing mentorship and morale. 


Lauren is passionate about building community connections, as often as possible with a charitable component. She frequently writes articles for blogs and other online platforms. Lauren has been featured on Learning Motherhood, Union Square Play’s Parenting+, Robyn, Hello Postpartum, and Westchester NY Moms, among other media.

Lauren is available for speaking engagements and corporate workshops. She has hosted events for brands including Veronica Beard. She is enjoys supporting women-led initiatives and is enthusiastic about giving back whenever she can. Her fundraising and community service efforts have supported organizations dedicated to maternal mental health, the career paths and health of mothers of color, refugee families, and others in need.