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  • Writer's pictureLauren A. Tetenbaum, LMSW, JD, PMH-C

Moms for Moms Shop for a Cause in the Village

It takes a village for women and mothers to thrive so I’m thankful to the women’s stores in my Village (I Am More, Mixology, Pamela Robbins, and Great Stuff), my friend at Scarsdale Moms, and my many other mom friends in my community for helping me support Moms for Moms! This month I led an initiative to raise funds and awareness for local mams in need.

I'm feeling inspired and empowered heading into the holidays! It was an amazing opportunity to come together as a community and support other women. We appreciate all the local press including Westchester Magazine and Scarsdale Inquirer that helped us raise funds and awareness!

Lauren A. Tetenbaum, LMSW, JD, PMH-C works with millennial and young women on issues related to career, family dynamics, relationships, and pregnancy & parenting. She is intensively trained in maternal mental health and is passionate about supporting and advocating for working parents.

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